Memorials and Honorariums

Diabetes Education Center operates with the kind donations honoring the following individuals. You can memorialize a loved one or pay tribute to someone special in your life while helping those with diabetes. Please contact us for more details.

This Year’s Memorials and Honorariums

In memory of:

Carol Allman
Gene Benash
Dorothy Bleick
Beverly Tingley Bowers
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Burge
Edwin & Audrey Heidenescher
Lee Jackson
Kenneth & Susan Mayberry
Marvin & Suzanne Morgan
Paul Morgan
Barbara Pankowski
Betty Plott
Faith Porter
Dean & Janice Reimer
Francis Rivas and Sharon Collins-Rivas
Robert Schraeder
Lyle & Kathryn Westerman
Anna & Mike Wheeler
Richard Wheeler
Bill Whitney
Dorine Whitney
Rollie Whitworth
Retired Chiefs Group

In honor of:

Mary Leighton
Earnest & Yvonne McGill
Suzanne Short
Terry & Dascha Wahl
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Wahl