Comprehensive Diabetes Education Class

December 4, 2017 – December 7, 2017 all-day
Diabetes Education Center of the Midlands
2910 S 84th St
Omaha, NE 68124
Contact Patient Services Coordinator
Patient Services Coordinator
402-399-0777 ext. 230

Day 1, 5-9 PM; Days 2-4, 5-8 PM
Follow Up: TBD 5-7 PM

This nationally recognized four-session, in-depth course focuses on treatment and management methods to improve blood glucose control and promote a healthier lifestyle for those taking insulin as well as type 2 individuals on medications.

  • Daily endocrinologist consult
  • Individual consults with registered dietitian
  • Daily medication adjustment
  • Daily blood glucose analysis
  • Review of lipid profile, hemoglobin A1c, serum creatinine, and urine microalbumin
  • Complete class curriculum covering all aspects of diabetes management (see overview)

At the conclusion of the program, a detailed report is sent to each patient’s referring physician to ensure continuity of care.

All lectures and interviews are conducted by physicians, diabetes nurse educators, and registered dietitians. This program includes individual medical management with a physician specializing in diabetes care and consults with certified diabetes educators (RN and RD).

Overview of the week

Day 1

  • Individual consultation with endocrinologist
  • Overview of cause and treatment of diabetes
  • Monitoring diabetes control
  • Meal planning using carbohydrate counting
  • Label reading and grocery shopping tips

Day 2

  • Individual consultations with endocrinologist and dietitian
  • Medications for blood glucose control
  • Pattern control: balancing food, activity, and medications
  • Recognition, treatment, and prevention of low blood sugars
  • Use of Glucagon
  • Balancing food and insulin with extra activity
  • Recognition, treatment, and prevention of Ketoacidosis

Day 3

  • Individual consultation with endocrinologist
  • Nutrition and its role in diabetes management
  • Resources: recipes, cookbooks, food guides, snack ideas
  • Standards of care to optimize your health
  • Stress and diabetes
  • Making your treatment plan work (goal setting)
  • Insulin pump therapy (optional)

Day 4

  • Exercise as a tool in diabetes management
  • Dining out and ordering from menus/alcohol use guidelines
  • Emotions/coping with diabetes
  • Taking care of your skin and feet
  • Question and answer session with endocrinologist
  • Individual exit consultations with endocrinologist and dietitian

Follow-up session

  • Travel tips
  • Medications affecting blood glucose levels
  • What about fat?
  • Managing diabetes on sick days
  • Community resources and support services

2017 Comprehensive Diabetes Education Class Schedule

Dates,Times,Follow up
June 5-8,  Aug 29

Aug 7-10, Nov 14

Sept 11-14, Nov 14

Nov 6-9, TBD

Dec 4-7, TBD

For more information or to register, call (402) 399-0777 ext. 230.