DIA-TEC CLOUD™ for Employers

DIA-TEC CLOUD™ for Employers


Introducing DIA-TEC CLOUD™
Technology. Education. Community.

Your NEW Strategy for Diabetes Cost Management from the Experts at DECM

Diabetes happens in real time. Now, your strategy for diabetes cost management does too. Reduce the impact of diabetes in your workplace. Diabetes affects productivity, health care costs, absenteeism, and presenteeism. Imagine a program that helps your employees feel their best, perform better, and spend less time away from work.

tech Technology
A cloud-enabled, community-based program empowers your employees to take better care of themselves and communicates real-time information for improved outcomes.
education Education
Online modules are designed to empower your employees with tools and self-management education to improve self-care behaviors, such as healthy eating, being active, adhering to medications, learning coping skills, and monitoring blood glucose.
employee Community
A support network helps reinforce positive behavior change. Employees and their team of care consultants can reduce and prevent complications to lower healthcare costs, improve productivity, and have a better quality of life.


Yes, I’d Like to discuss the DIA-TEC CLOUD™ for my Employee Group

Yes, I'd Like to discuss the Dia-Tec Cloud™ for my Employee Group

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