4 Ways to Run Safely with Diabetes

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1.  Avoid ‘Energy Boosting’ Foods and DrinksRun Safely with Diabetes - Diabetes Education Center of the Midlands
Energy boosting supplements may contain carbohydrates that prevent hypoglycemia, but
consuming too much will reverse the caloric burn you get from running. If you need to get that
energy before a long-distance run, get it from natural food sources.
2.  Monitor Insulin
If you use insulin and see rising and falling blood sugar levels during your workout, change your diet and exercise regimes accordingly. Consider everything about your running strategy; it may be as simple as changing your route.
3.  Don’t Overthink It!
Some people with diabetes are afraid that running could have a negative effect on their blood sugar, but fret not. If you control your diabetes carefully, eat well, and exercise in moderation, then you shouldn’t have an increased risk of hypoglycemia.
4. Maintain Realistic Goals
Just as weight gain is not immediate, weight loss isn’t either. If you’re overweight, it’s
important to exercise regularly to improve your health. Set goals for yourself, but be willing to adjust them if your doctor has other suggestions.

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